Let's clear the air: Dust reduction efforts for 2011

Posted 02 Jun, 2011
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When Electric Zoo opened up last year, on Saturday September 4 at 11am, the Randall's Island Park lawn was lush, long, and seemingly healthy. But the dancing and frolicking of 25,000 pairs of feet coupled with the unusually dry summer took a toll, and by the end of the day, the grass had been trampled and a lot of dirt had been kicked up into the air. When the wind gusted - especially around the Sunday School Grove, but in other parts of the festival grounds too - the dust was downright obnoxious. Many of you, understandably, have expressed concerns about this. We hear you, and we've been working on measures to address this problem in 2011. We're serious about doing everything we can to minimize the dust, so we can ALL breathe easy and focus on what we love - the music!

Here's a list of things we've put in place to reduce the dust:

Flooring will be used in all of the tents
This means that where all that dancing is going on, the grass will be protected and dirt won't be kicked up.

Dirt service roads will be covered with flooring
As our crew travels in golf carts and other vehicles to get from place to place around the perimeter of the festival grounds, there'll be far less dirt stirred up.

Making use of existing pavement for high traffic areas, including the area directly in front of the main stage
The main stage will be moved back this year in order to create more space. This will mean that a large area directly in front of the main stage will now be situated on pavement rather than grass. So when you "tear up the dancefloor" in front of the main stage, you'll no longer be tearing up grass and kicking up dirt at the same time :)

We've also hired lawn specialists to consult with and work with our friends at Randall's Island Park to improve on the maintenance of the field and to get it as healthy as possible before Electric Zoo. At their recommendation, we have also taken these measures:

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