Help each other be safe!

Posted 21 Aug, 2013
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There will be more party animals at the Zoo this Labor Day Weekend than ever before, and we want to make sure you all enjoy it thoroughly and get home safely. Please watch out for each other, and know that help is all around you. If you see someone slip, trip, or overheat, someone who needs medical attention, rehydration, or just a helping hand, please keep the positive vibe alive, and be a friend to a friend in need.
Electric Zoo strongly advocates against the use of drugs. Avoiding drug use is the only way to completely avoid drug-related risks. You don’t need drugs anyway when world class music is swirling all around you. Know that mixing drugs and alcohol, or frequent and increased use, will increase your risks of life-threatening problems. Here’s some math to go with that: Drugs or alcohol + Non-stop Dancing + Sun Exposure = Dehydration and a whole spectrum of other dangerous conditions. So stay safe, stay hydrated, take frequent breaks, remember to eat, and you will successfully pull off having the time of your life! If you suspect that someone is ailing from a medical issue or the overuse of drugs or alcohol, seek immediate medical attention.
Keep an eye out for these signs and symptoms in yourself and others, if you or a friend experience even just one sign seek medical help immediately:

There are medical aid stations marked with a red cross in the four corners of the main field and to the left of Main Stage East. They are staffed with emergency medical professionals, and they have water if you need it. Keep the neon pink HELP POINTS flyer that you can obtain as you enter the festival in your back pocket for info in a hurry, and keep the positive party vibes flowing by looking out for each other.



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