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Unleash Your Inner Animal: Face and Body Painting at Electric Zoo!

Posted 04 Aug, 2011

Lions and tigers and bears! And monsters and vampires and fairies! Oh my! Electric Zoo goers in 2010 might recall running into a more than a few fantastical faces roaming Randall’s Island Park. They were the handiwork of artist Derrick Little, who returns this year to bring his talented team of face painters to transform you into your favorite party animal -- or whatever else you can imagine.

Derrick Little is an award-winning face and body painter and a visual artist based in New York City, who pushes the limits of face and body art. His creative, colorful and theatrical face and body art stems from his early participation in the iconic New York nightclubs of the 1990s.

Since launching his makeup artistry career in 2001, Derrick has achieved national and international acclaim for his unique artistry and style, which is influenced by magic, mysticism, and his reverence for all of life. He has painted faces in Denmark, Germany, Canada and China and his clients have included Moby, Madonna, Martha Stewart, Julianne Moore, Christy Turlington, Shaggy, Shakira, Donald Trump, T-Pain, Marc Jacobs and more.

View a gallery of Derrick's team's work from Electric Zoo 2010
For more information in face and body painting by Derrick and his team, please visit: www.bodyartbyderrick.com

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